WUGLE is an open source project sponsored by Washington University in St Louis. The goal is to create a framework and application for manipulating and visualizing concepts taught in non-programming computer science courses.

Originally developed as logictools for a summer project, WUGLE will first be a rewrite/reimplementation of the functionality of logictools using a generic expression framework. Once that functionality is complete, WUGLE will surpass logictools by allowing algebraic manipulations of any type of expressions for which a grammar can be defined within the framework. The hope is that this kind of manipulation and visualization can be extended for use in modeling various systems.

The current version of WUGLE is 0.1.7. This version allows one to manipulate the expression as a graph, given an initial expression at start. The javadoc is available here. My hope is to do a new release every Monday based on the TODO/release schedule.